Sunday Jan 15, 2023

Leaked Evidence in the Andrew Tate Case: An Attorney’s Perspective (Part 1)

Viewer discretion is advised.  Full length episode with Knot & Raiderlance.  Recorded on January 13, 2023. 


The guys follow up their previous Andrew Tate Arrested podcast in late December 2022.  A lot of new evidence surfaced since the New Year. Website posts, video clips, and transcripts from Andrew Tate’s conversations were leaked to the media.  It is our stance that leaked evidence is bad for the legal system and destructive if you believe in fair trials. 


With that being said there is no way undo the damage.  So, let’s look at this evidence objectively and critically.  This episode we will go over the website posts and most of the video clips.  Make sure to tune in to Part 2!


Make sure to check out this podcast on Youtube where we will post links to all the articles or videos Raider cites during the conversation. 




  • Andrew Tate’s Ph.d. Program reported on by


  • Andrew Tate admitting to holding influence (respect & need) over his web cam girl.


  • Andrew Tate likens the psychological aspect of street pimping is similar to web cam management.


  • Andrew Tate uses ChatBait & gets paid in Bitcoin, which helps keep money out of banking system.



  • Andrew Tate discusses why he wants to be in a relationship with the web cam girl:


  • Andrew Tate lays out his lover boy method of recruiting & having #1 girl do the web cam pitch:


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00:00 – Intro

02:53 – Recap of Previous Andrew Tate Episode & Raider Raises a Moral Question

06:14 – Is Intent the Hardest Thing to Prove & Can Andrew Tate Be Viewed in Any Positive Light?

13:18 – Highlight’s Evidence from Andrew Tate’s “Ph.D. Program”

17:50 – Leaked Evidence in the Andrew Tate Case Reviewed by a Criminal Attorney

20:57 – Andrew Tate Clip 1 – Getting Web Cam Girl to Respect & Need You

23:54 – Andrew Tate Clip 2 – Web Cam Management & Street Pimping Similarity

30:24 – Andrew Tate Clip 3 – Keep Money Out of Banking System with ChatBait & Bitcoin

33:37 – Andrew Tate Clip 4 – Using Taxes to Control Employee & Commit Fraud

38:00 – Andrew Tate Clip 5 – Best Practices of Web Cam Manager Is to Have Sex with The Cam Girl

39:39 – Andrew Tate Clip 6 – Use a Female to Sell & Convince Other Females To Be Cam Girls

42:15 – Grooming of a Person is a Dynamic That Can Be Used for Good or Evil

44:13 – Andrew Tate Looks Bad When You Consider All These Clips as a Whole & Factor in Intent

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